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Birthday Idea: Outdoor movie birthday party for 18 year olds

Posted in : Birthday Ideas, For Kids and Teenagers, Party Ideas


This is a perfect idea for 18 year olds. You can organize a film or a movie watching party with nice weather in your backyard. Decorate your garden with movie posters and other cinema based attractive things, this will add to the theme of the day. It is also important to make invitations that are attractive; you could choose the design of movie tickets and personally invite everyone with their name on it and add the ‘Admit 1’ tag on it. Well, you can certainly change the number if you are looking for more people to come at your party, it is subjective. Arrange for a projector and screen and a huge list of movies so that you have a lot of variety and no one must watch the movie you have chosen, repeatedly.  And not to forget – a really good cake, snacks, drinks and popcorn to go for the movie night!

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