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Birthday Wishes: The Midnight Birhtday Wishes!

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To wish your close one on their birthday try setting their ringtone as “Happy Birthday” and call them at the strike of 12am.

Birthday Idea: Prom night birthday party for 18 year olds

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A prom night birthday party is amazing way to celebrate your birthday, the idea is simple and really accessible. You have seen what all happens on the prom night celebration in college. And this will be much similar to that event, so the food, costumes and themes have to be inspired by prom nights. Especially, girls love attention so, to make the event memorable you could organize an array of events at your birthday party – could be fashion show, or a dance event or anything that is entertaining and memorable. Dancing is generally done after the show, so you could as well save that for the event to end.

Birthday Idea: Movie Birthday Party Night at a pool for teenagers and young adults

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A movie night planned just across your pool or in some swimming pool club across the town is easy, nice and memorable. Imagine if you watch movies being inside the pool, accompanied with great drinks and something to eat – that is just crazy! Moreover, it will be a unique combination of a good movie along with some swimming and fun in water. You could hire some swimming pool club for the evening, don’t forget a nice cake and things that you would enjoy eating.

Birthday Idea: Karaoke night Birthday party for kids and Teenagers

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Karaoke night party for kids is a great idea for them to have an amazing time with music and singing. Many event organizers have been asked to organize the American Idol-like theme setup and people of all ages could participate in the celebration of the special one’s birthday bash. You can also call for judges, who could be no one but our own family members, uncles and grandpas to make the night even more memorable and personal. So, karaoke night with parents and other mates is a fantastic idea!

Birthday Idea: Night around the town party for 18 and 21 year olds

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Night around the town, as the name suggests is a very simple idea but it could be expensive. It is to take your lovely son or daughter out for a luxurious and premium ride around the city and let him explore the night clubs, comedy and dance clubs in town. After all he has turned 18 – if you have good budget, you could hire posh cars with premium service of snacks and food in the car itself. Or you can also take them for dinner in few of those best restaurants in the city. If you have planned to invite guests for this party, then you could also allow shuttle service from their homes to the party venue, which will be a sheer pleasure and generosity.

Birthday Idea: Cooking night that is idea for everybody’s birthday!

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This idea is probably suitable for all ages and everyone can have fun. We all love food, we all like cooking too. So why not make this a special birthday and date that will be remembered by all guests for a long-long time? You can use your garden or backyard as a party venue and make invitation cards attractive and easy to understand. When kids or young ones are at the party, you can ask them to prepare one dish and serving of their own which all could exchange and eat. The kids could make different recipes and fusion of most recipes easily and make it look attractive. You could also make a special recipe, like cakes and pies or pizzas and burgers so that everyone could make their own version of one or two common things. You, as adults can help them in cooking and baking, however and whatever you can.

Birthday Idea: Bonfire party in the midnight!

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This is also a great way to celebrate your birthday! Call your friends and family and arrange for a bonfire in your backyard. You can also prepare for live barbeque and some fun activities you can do all night. Get the ingredients to cook – chicken, fish, meat or paneer anything would suit well when barbequed and served with hot sauce along with the lovely cake that you would have, to sweeten the taste buds.

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