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Birthday Idea: Highlighter Birthday party for teenagers and 18 year olds

Posted in : Birthday Ideas, For Kids and Teenagers


The highlighter birthday party is an ideal way to have a lot of fun if you guys are teenagers and 18 year olds. You have to ask everyone to get dressed in a plain white shirt or tees along with blue or black jeans to go with it. And to create an ambience, you have to keep the backlights of the room with the highlighter lights. And when you switch of the main lights, you will immediately notice the glow on each one and that is quite amusing. You can also ask people to write messages for the birthday guy or girl, and they could also write messages on each other’s tees. Well, in that case just inform them that their tees are going to be wasted or maybe ‘’they have an emotion when they walk out after party’’. The latter is a better phrase to add in. Excitement can be raised by playing some amazing songs by the DJ while the highlighters are on and you guys are dancing.

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