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Birthday Wishes: Make a short Video or Film of messages on their Birthday!

Posted in : Birthday Wishes, For Dad, For Everyone, For Her, For Him, For Kids and Teenagers, For Mom


Make a video with text and all the special people wishing the birthday boy adding a personal message with it too!

Birthday Idea: Film fest Birthday party idea for Kids

Posted in : Birthday Ideas, For Kids and Teenagers


Imagine your garden space or the backyard as a small film hall. You can organize this film fest birthday party for your kid, to be a remembrance all his life. This is easy and it will not be a hassle, nor would it cost much. The idea of a film fest is to keep it fun and you could watch animated movies, musicals and many other things that kids like. You could also play a slideshow of your kid’s photos which would make the event even more memorable. Make sure you have loads of popcorn, soft drinks or juices that you serve all the kids so they could enjoy the movie and have a good time!

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