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Birthday Idea: Camp-out Party for your kid’s birthday

Posted in : Birthday Ideas, For Kids and Teenagers


Kids mostly, love adventure and they are outgoing and enjoy camps. You can stick close to your home and organize a really cool camping party for the young and adventurous kids! This will make the birthday very special and the friends of your kids will also enjoy on this generous occasion. You should be well prepared with the camping activities and things that you would want to make it complete. Sleeping bags, tents, water, food and other things that will help them enjoy on the open land, where you camp. You could also host a full night camping tents in the backyard of the house and you could prepare some yummy breakfast for the next morning. You could prepare a healthy list of eatables like pancakes, eggs and fresh juices. Yes, this sure is a lot of things to do – but certainly one of those days which will be cherished by all the kids for life!

Birthday Idea: Campfire Birthday Party for anyone’s birthday

Posted in : Birthday Ideas, For Kids and Teenagers, Party Ideas


Campfire and bonfire parties on a birthday are a great way to celebrate and with good music and artistic stuff in the backyard, you can easily make the party shine! There are many different activities that you can pair along with the bonfire night, like playing turn the bottle game with truth and dare and many other games too. You can ask people to confess something that are new for everyone and were not known for all this while. Ideally, if there is place in your backyard, you can host a bonfire party there but if you do not find space at your home – you can easily hire some hill resort or some deserted resort which allows to enjoy a wholesome party with bonfire arrangements.

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