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Birthday Idea: Scavenger Hunt theme birthday paty for kids and teens!

Posted in : Birthday Ideas, For Kids and Teenagers


Well, this is one party that never goes wrong with kids and teenagers. They will have awesome fun with a lot of activity as well. The idea is to take a pen and paper, make two teams and each team will have an adult along with them. This set, each team needs to visit a house near your neighborhood and ask for something bigger other than a pen, that each team starts with. They can trade anything ranging from a safety pin set to a bicycle. So, the team which gets a better valued product in trading their pen, wins. This is how you choose the winning team which will take a better share of ice cream and the other snacks, along with the cake. The scavenger hunt game can be done anywhere in malls, clubs around or houses in the neighborhood and no one will feel awkward as it is for a reason – your friend’s birthday! So, enjoy the game and follow the evening with some really nice finger foods along with refreshment drinks.

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