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Birthday Wishes: Paint Happy Birthday on Dark walls and glow it up with Neon!

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You can paint ‘Happy Birthday’ message on the walls with glow in the dark paints. He/she would be surprised as the lights go off.

Neon Birthday Party for teenagers

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This one is really interesting and it is very popular amongst the teenagers and pre-teens too. Imagine a place that has neon articulates and when you switch of the halogen light, the neon lights glow up! That probably looks very interesting and nice. You can setup a whole lot of other fluorescent accessories to go around with it. Maybe all you guys can wear white tee-shirts so they glow in the neon light. And the list apparently goes one – sunglasses, other accessories and neon hats can be worn. You should choose party starter snacks which allow you to enjoy the food in dim light! And keep those food dishes on other properties, like tables and chairs around – that makes visibility stronger in the dark.

Birthday Idea: Neon Birthday Party

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Celebrating your Birthday having a house party is nothing new. But the ways of celebrating can change the whole look of your night. Make your house party and exclusive one by turning it into a neon birthday party. Get black lights and arrange for neon paints. Paint all the accessories which are going to be used with neon paints. To add curiosity for your birthday night send out glow in the dark party invites. Distribute white T-shirts or keep the dress code as white. You can also customize a glow in the dark cake. Neon accessories are easily available in plenty of variety.

A neon birthday party will be a memorable one not only for you but for everyone invited.

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