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Birthday Idea: Tea party for teenage girls birthday bash

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Tea party is a very apt theme for women and there is something very girly about a tea party, maybe we could relate gossip as a very good ingredient to mix with tea. And certainly, a full-fledged tea party could never go wrong if you are a bunch of girls celebrating someone’s birthday. It only gets better with ruffled cake, butter cake or any cake that has decent level of sugar – cause if you have it too sweet, the flavor of different teas will not remain for long. For decorations, you can get some bunch of cheap lace ribbons and some randomly cut ribbons and decorate the table-top with it, make it pretty and attractive. Play some games, like musical chairs, or some other interesting ones that will make you happy and you will have fun time for a long time.

Birthday Idea: Doll Saloon Birthday Party for Teenage Girls

Posted in : Birthday Ideas, For Kids and Teenagers


A doll saloon party is a perfect fairy tale for girls and especially if they are teens. They like to dress their Barbies up and so perfect that they see themselves in that doll. So, a doll make-up and saloon party is a beautiful and fresh idea that all your friends will enjoy. The ideal way to go about it is ask your friends to get their own dolls, mostly of them would have at least one at their place. And, get some faux beauty products that you could use on your dolls and make them shine like a princess on your birthday. You could also host a small beauty pageant and play some other games which are complete madness and fun. Do not forget to get some nice cupcakes, jellies and lollies for the party - of course a nice fruit cake too!

Birthday Idea: Cheerleader Birthday themed party for Girls and Teenagers

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Cheerleader Birthday Party for teenagers is a great way to celebrate your birthday with a twist! You can be a spectacular specialized Cheerleader and dance all evening with your friends. You can create invitations that are based around the colors of Cheerleaders and other interesting sporty looking articles. This is ideal for teenagers and you can certainly have a memorable birthday which will last for a lifetime. Do not miss interesting colorful berry flavored candies and cupcakes for the party with some flavorful fruit punch.

Birthday Idea: Olympics birthday party for guys and girls who love sports!

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Olympics birthday party is quite unique to be held on a birthday. You can create your own Olympics games in the backyard or garden or you could ask public clubs to tie up for that day and allow you to play games there. You need to be creative and different with games, games that include a lot of fun rather than choosing for some adrenaline rush. The idea is to be more relaxed yet active, relaxed physically and active mentally. The cake could be in the shape of the Olympics logo which will add a whole lot of charm to your party. Make sure you have soft drinks and party snacks to go along with it.

Birthday Idea: Ballet Birthday Party for teenage girls and young adults

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A ballet themed birthday party is an ideal way to celebrate if you are a bunch of girls celebrating it on your friend’s birthday. It is a fun way to make little satin ribbons, wearing those at the party with delightful cake and nice drinks to go along with it. If you can, arrange for a mirror for a day and keep it along your wall – this will make your dancing moves interesting while people see themselves shake a leg in the mirror. The idea is to have fun and play some games while you are at it – so get some gaming ides according to the theme like playing freeze, or make-up dance with kids or teach some ballet lessons to your younger ones. Do not forget that many custom-made cakes are available out there – you could choose what your kids really love and make t memorable for them.

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