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Birthday Idea: The Birthday Beach Party

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Everyone loves to spend time on beaches. It is an amazing idea to drive to the beach and celebrate your birthday making unforgettable memories with your friends. There are plenty of activities that you and your friends can experience like water sports, boating, sunbathing, motor racing etc.
You can also organize a theme party in a backyard of the of the beach with full loud music and a variety of chilled drinks like cocktails, wines etc.

Birthday Idea: Pajama Birthday Party for All!

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This party can be a lot of fun! The fun starts at midnight and you can all your mates and ask them to dress in their best nighties, also try to ask them if they can carry along their blankies, stuffed toys and sleeping bags. You can engage in some really fun activities with them and you could also use many different gaming and fun activity ideas to keep you going through the night. With the pajama party theme, you could easily get a half-moon shaped cake to add to the flavor of the party! You could also arrange a barbeque in your backyard – maybe cook a little and serve everyone with fresh juice in the midnight.

Birthday Idea: Casino Birthday Party for 18 year olds and young mates

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A casino birthday party idea is a great way to celebrate your birthday, especially if you have just turned 18! You can inquire your local casinos or gaming clubs that might have reserved bookings or they could certainly create a reserved time for you. Invite all your friends and make sure that you ask them to participate and ask their parents and cousins to join as well. You can also take your cousins and parents and ask them to join in the celebration. Make sure you have decorated the tables with playing cars, dice and poker chips – that will make the party even happening. You can choose to wear black and red because that will add more charm and emotion to the casino themed party, you can also decorate the tables with red and black cloth and few other things that will look good.

Birthday Idea: Amazing Birthday at the Amusement Park

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The term ‘Amusement park’ itself comprises fun, excitement, various attractions and amazing rides. Trash the same old ideas of celebrating your birthday and try something new and exciting. The best part about celebrating your birthday in an amusement park is that they are not only meant for children but for adults too.

You can treat your friends or family by enjoying your whole day with various surprises. It’s a bonus if the theme park includes water sports too. There are refreshments provided by the food courts located in the amusement park. Make your birthday power packed and a day full of unforgettable memories with a trip to an amusement park.

Birthday Idea: Arrange a cook-out birthday party for him

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This is not new but it can be interesting for the birthday boy. Check some hill stations or hilltop restaurants or places where you could cook all by yourself! You can inform all the mates and they could get a little bit of everything and you could create different meals from different homes with fusion style cooking. A cook out can be done anywhere, we recommend hilltops because it is much adventurous to climb up a hill and cook - of course eat while you all could enjoy the view and the celebrations!

Likewise, this can also be planned with a family or if you are planning for your parents’ or grandparents’ birthday celebrations.

Birthday Idea: Visit to a Microbrewery for your Birthday

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Book a microbrewery around your country if the distance is easily accessible. You could visit the Microbrewery and see how the good stuff is made, take some sips of it in the tasting session and choose your drink. Well, this is ideally interesting if you are keen to know what goes behind the making of such amazing drinks which taste absolutely fine! Also it is like an added beneficial knowledge to yourself that you could share with others in future. Make sure you have some good cake, food and drinks planned for the day, or may be later the same night.

Birthday Idea: Visit a vineyard on your birthday and make it memorable and interesting

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A visit to a vineyard can be an amazing story on your birthday. You will get to know how all that great wines are stored for years and taste fantastic! You will have to talk to vineyards around your country, which are near and accessible. Go wine tasting and choose your cheese along with it – have a great party and make it last long in the list of memory-book. You can get some blueberry cheesecake or any other you prefer.

Birthday Idea: Travel themed Birthday party for everyone!

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A travel themed birthday party for anyone is great to go. You can select a traveling spot where you always wanted to go and celebrate your birthday there. This could be expensive in some cases – if you are planning to go somewhere with your loved ones or may be family or you are a bunch of kids who want to go out somewhere and celebrate your friend’s birthday. It is indeed a great way to celebrate at a remote place away from your home and in the solitude and peace of nature.

Birthday Idea: The better world party on your birthday

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You can make the world, a better place – we all know we might not be able to do a lot for those underprivileged kids but we can certainly play and eat with them for that day. This day will be remembered for life and it will be a great deal if you organize a drawing and painting sessions with kids at the orphanage or their school, announce a winner but motivate all of them as winners. You could also write a thanking letter and send some gifts to the military personnel of your nation, to make them feel special – and they shall bless you in turn.

Birthday Idea: Garden party is classic for anyone’s birthday!

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Garden party is an ideal way to go about planning a relaxed party for someone’s party. It can be made special with a lot of things and properties added to it. There are flowers which you can freshly pluck and use for decoration, maybe get some bean bags in your backyard and some good starters, snacks and beet to go with. If you guys are teenagers, then you should surely try some fruit sodas and soft aerated drinks, which make the birthday fun and happening. Send guests invites to the party in a flower themed vase with fresh flowers and a graceful invitation card, personally written will make more impact.

Birthday Idea: Exclusive Dinner Party Planning

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You can plan an expanded birthday celebration if your birthday falls on a weekend. But during the weekdays or other busier times, it’s difficult to take a complete day out for celebrations. A casual dinner party is a common way to spend your night but not when the venue is a unique one. Select a distinct restaurant in your city something very different than the usual like a Moroccan or an Asian cuisine or a themed diner place. You can plan the dinner flexibly as per your budget. At the venue you can have arrangements for small events or games and serve some snacks with drinks. You could also book a private place for dance and drinks and chill with your friends.

Dedicate your day to the Needy

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If you are bored with the usual way of celebrating with friends and partying then you can celebrate your birthday in a very noble way. Spark up your day by celebrating your birthdays with the poor and the deprived. Visit places like visit orphanages or rehabilitation centers or such places and distribute sweets and chocolates among them. The pleasure of drawing smiles on those faces is immense. This is a very peaceful way of celebrating your birthday. You can also get your friends along with you and have a day out with them. Some people prefer visiting temples and other religious places and distribute food/clothes to the poppers.

Birthday Idea: Cooking night that is idea for everybody’s birthday!

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This idea is probably suitable for all ages and everyone can have fun. We all love food, we all like cooking too. So why not make this a special birthday and date that will be remembered by all guests for a long-long time? You can use your garden or backyard as a party venue and make invitation cards attractive and easy to understand. When kids or young ones are at the party, you can ask them to prepare one dish and serving of their own which all could exchange and eat. The kids could make different recipes and fusion of most recipes easily and make it look attractive. You could also make a special recipe, like cakes and pies or pizzas and burgers so that everyone could make their own version of one or two common things. You, as adults can help them in cooking and baking, however and whatever you can.

Birthday Idea: Bonfire party in the midnight!

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This is also a great way to celebrate your birthday! Call your friends and family and arrange for a bonfire in your backyard. You can also prepare for live barbeque and some fun activities you can do all night. Get the ingredients to cook – chicken, fish, meat or paneer anything would suit well when barbequed and served with hot sauce along with the lovely cake that you would have, to sweeten the taste buds.