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Birthday Idea: Arrange a cook-out birthday party for him

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This is not new but it can be interesting for the birthday boy. Check some hill stations or hilltop restaurants or places where you could cook all by yourself! You can inform all the mates and they could get a little bit of everything and you could create different meals from different homes with fusion style cooking. A cook out can be done anywhere, we recommend hilltops because it is much adventurous to climb up a hill and cook - of course eat while you all could enjoy the view and the celebrations!

Likewise, this can also be planned with a family or if you are planning for your parents’ or grandparents’ birthday celebrations.

Birthday Idea: Cocktail Birthday Party for adults of all ages

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A cocktail birthday party is a classic way to celebrate your birthday and can never go wrong. It is a great and relaxed way to celebrate someone’s birthday without any sort of stress yet enjoying the most. You can also create a bonfire in your backyard and cook food in the party and eat or you can simply order it from a nice restaurant. Make sure you have a nice cake to go with dinner and drinks and do not forget music. It is an ideal relaxed way to celebrate with the kind of music you like. Keep guests in a comfortable zone and if you guys do not know each other much, you could play some games that will help you mingle around with the crowd.

Birthday Idea: Fresh & Vintage 80th Birthday Party

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An 80th birthday is a milestone worth going all out for and making this one a night to remember!

Plan a surprise on a beach side hotel. Decorate the place of celebration with the fusion of fresh green decor, white flowers and 1930′s style and keep this both cosmopolitan and sentimental.

Highlight your party with:

Elegant floral arrangements displayed in beautiful mercury glass.

Gorgeous cake inspired by 30′s fashion.

Photo booth props, ribbons, & lots of smiling faces!

Delicate details in the custom invitations & paper elements.

A band that playing the special persons favorites’.

To make it look fresh and young add the green with hints of yellow or match with the guest of honor’s favorite colors.

Pull in some elements from the 1930′s with the invites, family style tables and the band but also keep it modern, lively and fresh.

The food can be a modern twist on elegant seafood and filet, and the cake with by big flowers on the table for décor.

Make your loved one feel young at heart and very cosmopolitan for her age.

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